About BISES Faith Foundation (BFF)

A Message from Our Honorable Principal:

As the Principal of BISES, it gives me immense pleasure to recommend BISES Faith Foundation (BFF), a creation of our extremely talented students. BFF has been an integral part of our school religious activity and by the Grace of Allah, it has been very successful.

BFF is extensively involved in organizing Islamic seminars and lectures which include bright student speakers from their organization to spread the message of Islam. Additionally, it has a publication called ‘Peace & Destiny’ containing informative articles and is published twice a month.

They are also involved in training youngsters and juvenile Muslims basics of Islam and create awareness of ‘Deen’ amongst them. Then train students on how to present public speeches, clearly and coherently, and teach them how to confront questions when asked to them. And they teach about interrelation between Islam and the modern world and clear common misconceptions about Muslims and Islam.

They base all our activities upon principles of the Holy Qur’an, the Islamic Sha’riah and authentic Ahadeeth. We rely on resources from distinguished Islamic organizations like the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI), Islamic Propagation Centre in Rabwah and Darussalam.

BFF certainly has what a proper and ordered organization needs. All the members are exceptionally good both academically and disciplinarily.

Islam is our way of life and it is everything for us. My Best wishes are for the continuation of this Noble and Cherished task in disseminating Islamic Knowledge to all. I wait for the day when BFF by our boys will blossom into a fully established global organization.


Principal, Bangladesh International School, English Section – Riyadh, KSA


3 thoughts on “About BISES Faith Foundation (BFF)

  1. I like your views. So keep me in touch for further information. let me know is it possible open a section here in Bangladesh . Pls confirm me.


    Nurul haque

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